Pre-shopping Email Consultation.

Pre-shopping Email Consultation.


I will personally review your capsule wardrobe and make sure it looks harmonious and is fully interchangeable before going out and acquiring all the pieces. This will save you time, but most importantly, it will save you money.


In order for me to review your capsule wardrobe, I would need some information from you:

  • A recent photo of you, showing your entire figure.

  • Your style concept (the one you’ve completed in lesson ‘Collect Inspiration’)

  • Your shopping list (the one you’ve created in lesson 'Shop Your Capsule')

  • Your capsule wardrobe plan (the wardrobe planner you’ve filled in for lesson 'Build Your Capsule Wardrobe')

As soon as I have all of the above, it will take me around 3-5 business days to review it and send you back the revised capsule wardrobe shopping list.