One-Hour Video Consultation + Pre-shopping Email Consultation.

One-Hour Video Consultation + Pre-shopping Email Consultation.


It might happen that you are stuck on some part of the capsule wardrobe creation: wardrobe revision, your personal style concept or you might not be sure where to find the clothes you need. 

The best way to solve one or all of these issues is to have a personal video consultation with me so I can properly understand your needs and guide you towards creating your unique capsule wardrobe.

Book The Consultation

After this video consultation I would need the following information from you, so that I can make my final recommendation:

  • Your capsule wardrobe plan (the wardrobe planner you’ve filled in for lesson 'Build Your Capsule Wardrobe')

  • Your shopping list (the one you’ve created in lesson 'Shop Your Capsule')

As soon as I have all of the above, it will take me around 3-5 business days to review it and send you back the revised capsule wardrobe plan and shopping list.