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Wonder Wardrobe
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"I was waiting for something like the 'Wonder wardrobe' course forever. It is so well explained, step by step and very structured. I enjoyed watching every lesson and now feel prepared to create a perfect Capsule for me and my lifestyle. I also can't wait to see the new lessons. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!"

Sara, Wonder Wardrobe Course.



"Your course is awesome! 

Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge, I have had an amazing time watching your videos and using your templates. Everything is super clear and easy to apply so I do not have any excuses not to do it :-)"

Patricia, Wonder Wardrobe Course.


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"This course was so much fun and and I can't wait to put the lessons into practice!
I feel very confident that I can get my wardrobe in very good shape over the next few months.

Thanks Daria, I love the way you presented the lessons clearly and with a lovely energy."

Sarah, Wonder Wardrobe Course.



"I love the course, it's very helpful. I think I already watched it 4 or 5 times! I'm actually building my business casual wardrobe for fall and I'm quite satisfied with my last version."

Julie, Wonder Wardrobe Course.


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"Have you ever woken up feeling that this day is zero point? There are no anxiety, fear and expectations at the start. You open your eyes and smoothly push off the shore with your toes.

The day before yesterday I shopped in Milan guided by the founder of the Wonder Wardrobe project, a devoted follower of the slow fashion concept, a stylist with an 8-year international working experience Daria Andronescu. Daria went to considerable lengths: formed an exceptional, clever, devilishly delicious capsule wardrobe for me, shared lots of interesting facts about clothes and the Clothes of the mankind and delicately sustained my high jinks and maunder.

Wonder Wardrobe implies intellectual approach, masterful play with form, shapes and colour, freedom, pleasure and kindness. Daria Andronescu perceives her job as expression of love to people, not a source of welfare. I was sitting in front of her having my morning coffee and thinking what a miracle this fay girl with huge eyes full of inspiration ready to personally struggle against overconsumption, uncontrolled waste discharge, use of child labour and scary blind indifference is.

Together we had lunch in a cozy place seeming rather a shop of vintage posters than a cafe, eagerly shared thoughts, assessments and plans and definitely agreed on the total absence of limits. The next morning I was writing to my very own Stockholm: I will never stop. Daria, I admire you and learn from you. 🤘🏻❤️ Zero point successfully passed. 💎

On shopping with Daria Andronescu. Everyone who can distinguish between Monet and Manet, forgot the meaning of the word Zögern, possesses an athletic title and blood type B with positive Rh factor can become a client. Surely I am kidding! 😜 

Do try, reinvent yourself, tell your story to the world."

Anna, Personal shopping in Milan. 




I've already watched all the videos and find you concept very interesting. Right now I'm sorting out my wardrobe to photograph all the items and assemble the outfits on the computer. You are a very sympathetic and dedicated woman and I am glad to have found you on Youtube!”

Sonja, Wonder Wardrobe Course.


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First of all I want you to know that I'm more than happy that I took the course. Yours is the most professional and useful advice out there. All your opinions are so meaningful and well exposed, and they go beyond the superficiality that sometimes fashion or styling suffer from.

I specially liked all the planning system that you propose and following exercises - like making a moodboard - really helps a lot to understand the path I want to follow. Thanks to your course I've realised that I've already own more clothes than I need, and that the key is not the quantity of clothes that I own but the way I feel in them. And it feels amazing in my planned purchases!!! :)

The most significant thing that I've learned so far is rethinking my shopping habits. Now i try to plan all my purchases and avoid impulse buys. So thank you for that!!

I think the videos and blog posts that you share complement the course very well. I re-read them and re-watch it constantly. It’s a great source of inspiration and advice to a more conscious lifestyle.

Sooooo, thanks a lot for your wonderful work! It's made a great impact on me!!”

Marta, Wonder Wardrobe Course.



Daria, you’re truly a magician, everything you picked goes so well with each other and all outfits look exactly like I dreamed of.  It's something unreal!! I’ve never looked so elegant and stylish, and now there is no turning back!

You not only found clothes for me, but also turned my world around.  This is another step of self-improvement. I’m sure that I’ll come back to you again! Thank you so much!”

Ilina, Ready-to-Buy Capsule. 


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“In this course, she reveals all the tips so you can build a fully functional capsule wardrobe by yourself. It is very fun and it gives you a unique approach to fashion. ”

Julia, Wonder Wardrobe Course.



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