How to upgrade any basic wardrobe.

Have a look at this capsule wardrobe example that builds on and transitions from a basic wardrobe to a truly personal one.



44 Classic Minimalist outfits for cold winters.

Ready for winter? Me neither, but this video will definitely help you fight the cold. Watch it to see what materials keep you warm and how to always look well put together this winter.


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Layering made easy: 10 outfits you can build right now.

Free layering ebook included!

Layering is easier than it sounds. You just need to understand a few basic principles, and then the rest will fall into place. I would like to give you some outfit formulas that you can try with clothes you already have and see for yourself which ones suit you better.

Ready to experiment?


how to mix patterns: 25 outfit examples.

When we mix 2 different patterns together we need to make sure that their shapes, sizes and colours match well. All patterns can be divided by the ones that have rounded, soft shapes and those that have straight, geometrical shapes. You can bravely mix rounded with rounded patterns and geometrical with geometrical patterns. This way you will get the most harmonious combinations, although there are a couple of exceptions that relate more to the style rather than the shape of the pattern.


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wonder Wardrobe inspired by art.

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earth day 2019: how to dress for good.

This year, for Earth Day, we’ve collaborated with people from across the globe to draw attention to the use of synthetics in the fashion industry. As all synthetics are a byproduct of plastic, the pollution we are all left with changes the way the world looks like.


Your body already has harmony. Here’s how to dress it.

How to dress different body types according to a well-known industry standard called The Body Harmony principle. This principle will show you how to dress in such a way that you always look good.


Wear It For Good Series.

Most of the information out here talk about how bad the fashion industry is without providing any alternatives or solutions. I find that complaining about something is not constructive at all, that’s why today I’m starting a mini-documentary series called ‘Wear It For Good’.