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vacation wardrobe tips.

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wonder Wardrobe inspired by art.

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The Sustainable Wardrobe Series.

Let's look into the fabrics we choose and how they impact the quality of our clothes as well as the environment.

earth day 2019: how to dress for good.

This year, for Earth Day, we’ve collaborated with people from across the globe to draw attention to the use of synthetics in the fashion industry. As all synthetics are a byproduct of plastic, the pollution we are all left with changes the way the world looks like.

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Wear It For Good Series.

Most of the information out here talk about how bad the fashion industry is without providing any alternatives or solutions. I find that complaining about something is not constructive at all, that’s why today I’m starting a mini-documentary series called ‘Wear It For Good’.


Budget planning.


The Budget Capsule: Dream It, Plan It, Get It.

Learn how to begin building the perfect wardrobe from scratch on a limited budget, where to start, what to buy in the first place and how much money you’ll need.

The best budget for the best wardrobe.

Stop buying on impulse, shop only clothes you need and get control over your spendings. 

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Proportions & Body Shapes.

Your body already has harmony. Here’s how to dress it.

How to dress different body types according to a well-known industry standard called The Body Harmony principle. This principle will show you how to dress in such a way that you always look good.

Visual correction principles for different body types.

Looking good is a thing we all aim for, but it’s hard to achieve since there are a lot of different body types. This Visual Correction Principles Video will help you identify your body type and use clothes to accentuate your best attributes

Wardrobe improvement tips.

Why be basic, when you can be yourself?

I get so many questions about the basic wardrobe that I think it’s time we understood what is a basic wardrobe and if we really need one. Also inside this video, you'll find a wardrobe exercise that can be a great starting point towards expressing your true self without making lots of changes in your wardrobe.

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