Visual correction principles for different body types.

Looking good is a thing we all aim for, but it’s hard to achieve since there are a lot of different body types. These body types are not used in fashion advertising which leads to confusion among women of different sizes and shapes. But worry not, this Visual Correction Principles Video will help you identify your body type and use clothes to accentuate your best attributes


What is your body shape? 

It's easy for me to look at my clients objectively. I see exactly what's in front of my eyes. I analyse their proportions, their assets and flaws and immediately know what outfits to create to make them look their best. You should also try and analyse yourself this way, without prejudice. 

Strip down to nothing and face the mirror. Look at yourself without passing a judgement.

Remember, hating some parts of your body will get you nowhere. But knowing your proportions will point out what silhouettes and outfits to choose to look even more beautiful and feel comfortable. 

I've prepared for you a template that will make it super clear what your body type is.  

Download it, it's free! 


I hope this post helped you to easily figure out your body proportions and understand what exactly you need to pay attention to when choosing an outfit. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Let's chat!