A capsule wardrobe to set your vacation needs at ease.

A capsule wardrobe for the holidays is a mini-wardrobe consisting of clothing items that mix harmoniously with each other in color and style. The main difference from the familiar “randomly picked” wardrobe is that a capsule wardrobe is carefully planned and tailored for your vacation.


For starters it would be necessary to understand what outfits, what style and quantity you need to bring on your vacation. Write down all the activities you’re planning to do. Think about how many sets you might need for each activity. For example, if you’re going to spend six evenings in some fancy restaurants, you need to take from three to six elegant outfits.

If you like planning as much as I do, you can also write down outfits formulas for each day.

Of course, you can just order everything online and save yourself a tiring shopping trip completely. Or on the contrary, you can go shopping and have the peace of mind of trying everything on. The choice is yours. It’s absolutely not necessary to buy everything in one day, shopping can be divided in parts: first, buy sets for the beach, then sets for parties, sightseeing and other activities. Just try to not get lost in shops and get distracted by the clothes that you don’t need. If you go out to get a swimsuit, don’t come back home with pair of jeans. Focus on your capsule and enjoy the shopping process.