How to develop a sense of style.

It only takes a few times dressing up the wrong way for society to state that you just don’t have any sense of style. And most of us believe and take this opinion for granted. As if there’s nothing we can do to change that.

For a long time it was assumed that you have to be born with a good taste of style. Meaning, you either have it or not. Of course, anyone who believes this is profoundly mistaken. In fact, fashion taste and style can be developed through observing, learning and practicing – as it is with any other activity.


1. Observe and get inspired.

Start to develop your sense of style by observing other people whose style you really like. Add to your Instagram feed as many bloggers as you can. Day after day, carefully study their style, what they wear, how they combine colors, mix prints, use accessories and so on. Also, subscribe to the most important fashion websites, for example,,, etc. and carefully study their materials.

Even in everyday life walking down the street try to notice those who are well dressed and understand the secret of their outfit success. For me, for example, Milan’s residents are an inspiration, as their sense of style is very close to mine. Every time I visit, I try to find some time to sit in some cozy cafe and simply watch the passers-by while sipping my cappuccino.

2. Copy others’ style.

There is nothing to be ashamed about copying the style of others. After all, you need to start somewhere in order to develop your own personal style. Only by experimenting and trying different stuff you can truly understand what suits you and what doesn’t. Find outfits that you really like and try to dress the same way. Usually it’s the small details that make all of the outfit stand out. Even a simple set of a white T-shirt and jeans can look completely different, depending on what kind of mood and style direction you’re trying to pass on to your look.

Try to carry out such experiments as often as possible, honing your sense of style. Some outfits will become favorites that you will want to wear over and over again. Of course, there will be also mistakes. But this is absolutely normal. At least, you’ll understand what looks good on you and what doesn’t.


3. Get out of your comfort zone.

I understand that it is much easier to say, than to do in reality. But, once you have decided to develop a sense of style, then you definitely need to push beyond the usual in order to discover a new you and find a harmony between inner and outer self.

Stop being afraid of having the wrong look, of looking ridiculous or incomprehensible. You need to start dressing yourself. Sometimes you will get it right, sometimes really wrong, but at least you will be at peace with your personality. Beside that, you should stop judging other people’s looks and sense of style. Accept them as well as you would like to perceive yourself. Respect everyone’s freedom of expression. Love yourself and others. Believe in your creativity and respect creativity in others. This is very important.