10 New Year’s resolutions for your wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe

New Year is always associated with the "new beginings", changes for the best that we hope will finally come true. At this time, we love to dream and make  New Year's resolutions about what we are going to achieve. This year, my lovely readers, I suggest to all of us make a promise to be more thoughtful about our appearance and wardrobe in general. If you are able to fulfill all the promises, your wardrobe will become filled with meaning and favourite items.

Develop a sense of style.

All the efforts of creating the perfect wardrobe may be in vain if you don’t constantly evolve your personal style and image. Show more Interest in fashion, try different clothes/cuts/colors, experiment.

Revise your wardrobe every season.

After a few revisions you will already notice how your wardrobe will get order, structure and meaning. Aim for a wardrobe filled with nothing but the clothes you love and wear. This free Wonder Wardrobe lesson will teach you how to refresh your wardrobe and make it more functional.

Choose quality, not quantity.

Clothing and footwear made with high quality not only last longer, but also gives the whole outfit a sense of refinement, elegance and individuality. Learn about different types of fabrics here.

Monitor functionality.

Your wardrobe should fully reflect your lifestyle. Therefore, before buying a new set, try to think of three different outfits you can put together using your old clothes.

Remember comfort.

Whatever you are wearing should be as comfortable as possible. Jeans should fit well, sweater should feel pleasant on the body, the bag should not be severe, shoes should not hurt your feet etc.

Stick to your Colour type palette.

If you keep buying clothes according to your seasonal color, eventually all your stuff will be in color harmony with each other. But most importantly, you will always look beautiful and rested.

Invest time and effort in developing your wardrobe.

Practice on creating different looks, try new color combinations, work on your wardrobe capsules, write shopping lists. Time and effort put on developing your wardrobe will work more wonders than an unlimited budget.

Remember diversity.

You should be able to mix your clothes with each other to create a variety of outfits for any occasion. Before buying any new garment, try to picture in your mind at least three different outfits that you would be able to create with it.

Create outfits with new clothes immediately after shopping.

When shopping is over and you come back home, don’t just throw the new things in the closet. Lay all new items on your bed and try to create as many outfits as you can. Mix and match. Don’t forget about your old clothes / shoes / accessories – some of them might also look great paired with some of the new stuff. By the way, creating outfits with new clothes immediately after shopping is a great fashion habit that will lead to you knowing what to wear for any situation.

Buy only the things that make you feel the most attractive.

If you feel attractive in some clothes they will automatically become your favorite pieces. And those are the only kind of clothes you need in your Dream Wardrobe.