Georgia O’Keeffe: from painting to capsule wardrobe.

Winter is mainly known for its lack of colour and utilitarian clothes. That’s why today I’d like to show you a few ways to bring some much needed colour into a drab, winter wardrobe.

I’ll start you off with some colour inspiration lifted straight out of Georgia O’Keeffe’s ‘Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses’ painting. She has drawn inspiration from what was left behind a severe drought that decimated vegetation and animals alike. Although the main focus of the painting is a cow skull, she managed to blend shades and textures so well that it creates a romantic atmosphere without using lots of colours. I used her painting as a springboard to create an interchangeable wonder wardrobe.

Cow's Skull with Calico Roses, 1931  Georgia O'Keeffe

Cow's Skull with Calico Roses, 1931

Georgia O'Keeffe



This capsule includes 9 tops, 3 dresses, 4 bottoms, 1 pair of shoes 

that result in 60 beautiful outfit combinations.

Style: Romantic style with casual and creative elements. 

Colour type: Winter.

Body shape: Hourglass, Pear.

Season: Fall - WInter.

52 fashion methods from the Wonder Wardrobe Course were applied in the making of this capsule. 

Please note, that this method should be used as a learning springboard, not a ready-to-buy wardrobe. No brands or prices will be disclosed as the purpose of this blogpost is to teach you a life-long skill, not to sell you more clothes.


This method will save you money and make you look your best.

- while helping the planet -


What are your go to colours for your winter wardrobe?

Let’s inspire each other in the comments.