I’ve noticed that for almost all curvy women going shopping is not a very pleasant experience. But I completely understand why. I know how hard it is to find good quality clothes with a beautiful and modern design in a plus size. To make your searching process easier, I’d like to share with you a list of ethical brands that specialise in plus size fashion. I hope you’ll find something special for yourself!


Here you can find very affordable clothes with great design, nice fit, modern and fashionable silhouettes.

$, UK, worldwide delivery. 


This scandinavian brand offers very affordable clothes that are cool and comfortable at the same time. The collections are usually very versatile, so you can find both basics and statement pieces.

$, DK, worldwide delivery. 


It’s quite a popular multi-brand online store in Europe and US. But they also have their own line, that I think deserves your attention. If you’re into classic and elegant design, then you’ll like them.

$-$$, worldwide delivery. 


If you feel it’s hard for your to find well fitting clothes in the store, this might be a great option for you. On the eShakti online store you can customize your size by providing your own body’s measurements. Besides that you can also choose whatever length, types of sleeves and necklines you prefer. Basically it’s the same like having a tailor, but online. Amazing idea, don’t you think?

$, US, worldwide delivery.


Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service for women with sizes ranging between 10-32. Basically you can rent 1 to 3 new items, wear them as many times as you wish during a month, return them for free and choose your next 1-3 items for the following month. I think it’s a very interesting and eco-friendly solution that might actually be also cheaper than constantly buying new clothes.

$, available only in US. 

This is a very nice shopping destination if you’re into vintage clothing. They have a beautiful collection of dresses that are unique and slightly retro.

$, US, worldwide delivery.


Here you’ll find fun, bold and stunning clothes for your beach vacation. You can see immediately how stunning, flattering and sexy their pieces look on the curvy figure.

$, US, worldwide delivery.


I think this one is my favourite just because they really have their own unique aesthetic and the ability to think out of the box when it comes to plus sizes. Here you’ll find a very chic casual style with modern and fresh design ideas.

$$, US, worldwide delivery.


This small german shop has a great selection where you can find stylish city casual clothes for any budget or occasion.

$-$$, DE, worldwide delivery.



One more amazing brand coming from the US. Honestly, I am in love with their asymmetric cotton dresses. They’re simple, but at the same time beautiful and bold. They’re also practicing a very interesting exchange program. If you buy a dress, but in some months you’ve changed your size, you can return it and get a new dress in your new size. Later, the dress you returned is being donated to charity for women in need. Interesting, practical and a very smart idea.

$$, US, worldwide delivery.



This is the place to go when you’re looking for a unique sequin dress or colourful faux fur jackets. Although sequin and faux fur might sound tacky, I think they have a bold, unique and fun aesthetique.

$$-$$$, UK, worldwide delivery.

Here you can find some beautiful and comfortable casual pieces for your wardrobe. They also specialise in knitwear, so check out their sweaters and cardigans too, I think they look very chic.

$$, US, worldwide delivery.



This italian brand is the perfect place to buy good quality clothes for the office. They always have a wide range of beautiful formal shirts and also some great fitting suits.

$-$$, IT, limited delivery.


The Harlow brand is a great option for those who live in Australia. They have stylish and minimalist clothes that are just perfect for the everyday life.

$$, AU, US.


One more italian fashion brand where you can find high quality and very well fitting clothes. I would say this brand will suit anyone who is looking for classic style and timeless design.

$$, IT, limited delivery.


High-quality elegant and casual clothes that are just perfect for the busy day, when you want to look beautiful and feel comfortable.

$$, ES, EU delivery.


Beautiful and feminine clothes that are easy to match and wear. The collections are usually quite versatile, so it won’t be hard to create an interchangeable capsule using only their clothes.

$$$, UK, UK&EU delivery.


Famous american brand that also has the plus size line. All their clothes are made out of high-quality natural fabrics in a minimalistic and casual style. I would say it’s a great place to buy your wardrobe essentials.

$$, US, worldwide delivery.


Not really a plus size brand, but they still have a considerable size range. It’s a world famous fashion house that produces luxury, beautiful and timeless clothes that are perfect for both business and leisure.

$$$, DE, EU&US delivery.


An Italian luxury brand that specializes in plus sizes. Here you’ll find high-quality clothes for any occasion really: office hours, celebrations and even going on vacation.

$$$, IT, EU/UK/US/ delivery.

As you can see, plus fashion exists. Don’t be afraid to buy online. Most of these shops offer much better and easier ways for you to understand what size to choose. Moreover, you save yourself a stressful shopping trip, have more options to choose from and get a quiet fitting in the comfort of your own home.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. It would also be great and super helpful if each one of you would share in the comments your favourite plus size brands and designers, so we can make this list even longer.