How to: art-inspired capsule. Henri Rousseau "The Dream".


Strangely enough, even though Rousseau never traveled outside of France, there are a lot of paintings that show jungles and exotic wildlife. He got inspired by the strange plants he saw in Paris’ hothouses or by the wildlife from popular culture of that age.

Just like Rousseau, I can’t always be there to see the original thing, I have to go out and search for my art inspired capsule. And so, today I’d like to show you how these usually short videos are created.

Henri Rousseau “The Dream”, 1910

Henri Rousseau “The Dream”, 1910

Today’s capsule is inspired by Rousseau’s “The Dream” painting. It consists of 3 bottoms, 5 tops and 3 dresses. This fully interchangeable wardrobe results in 18 outfits.

H. Rousseau: from painting to Wonder Wardrobe.

H. Rousseau: from painting to Wonder Wardrobe.

capsule overview:

This capsule includes 5 tops, 3 dresses, 3 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 bags that result in 18 unique outfit combinations.

Style: Casual style with dramatic elements. 

Colour type: Autumn.

Body shape: Inverted Triangle, Rectangular.

Season: Summer.

Please note, that this method should be used as a learning springboard, not a ready-to-buy wardrobe. No brands or prices will be disclosed as the purpose of this blogpost is to teach you a life-long skill, not to sell you more clothes.