How to stay stylish and build an eco-friendly wardrobe.

It’s easy to give in to impulse buying, but we all need simple ways to get what we want without the guilt or the damage to the environment that fast fashion causes. In this new video, I’m sharing eight practical tips that will slowly but surely turn you into a stylish but mindful fashion consumer. 

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I hope these 8 eco-friendly tips will help you transition your wardrobe to a more sustainable one. To start with, don’t be hard on yourself or your wardrobe. Feeling guilty and pretending like you don’t want to know what the fashion industry is doing is not a solution. Take it easy. Make incremental changes at first. That’s how I started. Distancing yourself from fast fashion takes time, but once you do it, you’ll feel and look much better knowing that style can inflict positive change in the world around us.

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This method will save you money and make you look your best.