The Findings - Wardrobe & Style Inspiration. Ep. 3

As you already know, I keep an eye out for the newest, best fashion related things and compile them into a video series called ‘The Findings’.

The newest episode is full of goodies. I discovered an ethical, sustainable jewelry brand that you should definitely check out, a great source for fashion documentaries, an easy way to check if your favourite brand is sustainable, a book that will unlock your creativity and personal style, and some instagram accounts and blogs you should follow for inspiration. This newest episode will end on a nice tech fashion finding that is super useful to all of us in today’s device fueled world.

ETHICAL BRANDS    Artisans & Adventurers
WEBSITES   Project Just


Project Just

BLOGS   Lissome






BOOKS   Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. 


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. 

INSTAGRAM   Carin McCormac

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

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