TOP 10 VIDEOS OF 2018.

Just in case you’d like to see this year’s best wardrobe and styling tips, here are 10 videos that many of my students and audience have found really useful.


How to stay warm & chic this winter. (44 classic minimalist outfits)

- what materials keep you warm and how to always look well put together in winter.


The Secret History Of Colour Types.

- where colour typology comes from and how to use it to your stylistic advantage.


Petite body type: shopping tips and capsule wardrobe example.

- shopping tips and wardrobe tricks for the petite body type.


Why my wardrobe is not like yours.

- 60 fashion principles that have transformed my personal wardrobe into a sustainable, cohesive, ready-to-go wonder that it is today.


The Business Casual Summer Wardrobe.

- dressing for work during summer might be challenging. Not anymore.


Vintage styling: the ethical way to stand out.

- an in-depth look at how to successfully incorporate unique vintage pieces into your current wardrobe.


Your body already has harmony. Here’s how to dress it.

- get to know the industry famous standard called The Body Harmony principle and how to dress in such a way that you always look good.


Your curves, your advantage: Hourglass Wardrobe Example.

- see how easy it is to turn your beautiful curves into a stylistic advantage.


Salvador DalÍ: from painting to capsule wardrobe.

- inspiration for your ever changing wardrobe can be found all around you. This is how one famous painting would look as a very cohesive, unusual and slightly futuristic wardrobe.


Wear it for good: DENIM

- how did denim become such a strong material, so popular and yet so damaging to our environment? And most importantly, what you can do right now to get the best out of it.


My promise for next year is to keep giving you great wardrobe examples, classes, offers and opportunities so that together we can make 2019 the year of sustainable fashion. Thank you for being here with me on this amazing journey!

I’m quite curious to know how your wardrobe has changed this past year.

What tips and tricks you’ve found most useful?

Please let me know in the comments so everyone can learn from your experience.