Open Wardrobe: what's in my fall capsule.

Autumn is here in its full glory, which means it's time to adapt your wardrobe accordingly. Some days are sunny, some days are windy and some rainy. It's hard to envision how your wardrobe can adapt to the new needs of the season, so I've prepared an example of my own.

I had a wardrobe revision and added just a few items like a raincoat, making sure that everything fits well together. I ended up with 40 looks that will make my autumn days more fashionable and cozy, no matter the occasion.

One more proof that you don't need to buy lots of stuff, you just need to understand how everything can fit together.



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My Wonder Wardrobe, Fall 2017. 


This capsule includes 3 dresses, 7 tops, 6 bottoms, 2 jackets, 1 cardigan, 2 coats , 1 bag, 1 backpack, 4 pairs of shoes. 

Total amount of outfits: 40.  

Style: Creative casual. 

Colour type: Autumn.

Body shape: Inverted Triangle.

Season: Fall.








Please, tell me more about your wardrobe.

What colours do you have there? What are your most favourite pieces?

Let’s chat!

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