Fix Your Wardrobe

And You'll Fix The World.

fashion waste

I love fashion with all my heart.

I love it as an art form, as a fun way to express yourself and tell the world who you are and what you believe in. But I have a huge problem with fashion industry: I find it dangerous.

All magazines, blogs and brands nowadays are focused on convincing you to buy more and more and preferably irrationally and quick. Unfortunately, it works very well.

People are buying way more clothes than they need or want. 90% of those purchases are random and useless. Those clothes are going to be worn two-three times maybe (if lucky) and thrown away shortly thereafter.

That’s how we end up having a crazy amount of people that are upset with themselves for overspending, for not being able to find their personal style, for not finding something to wear in the morning. Ah, and those clothes that end up in the garbage bin because they were bought on impulse won’t just disappear. They will stay up to 200 years in a landfill releasing their formaldehyde and BPA buddies, slowly killing our planet.

So, yes, I have a huge problem with the fashion industry.

But I can do something about it, starting today.

sustainable wardrobe.jpeg

I am willing to fight it by sharing my shopper experience and knowledge with everyone who wants to stop being a fashion victim and learn to shop responsibly and efficiently. I can arm you with the knowledge that can change the way you’ll build your wardrobe. It will no longer be a black hole of useless waste, it will be a Wonder Wardrobe.

You’ll suddenly have a well thought and personalised fashion tool that gives you the pleasure of self-expression and control over your spendings. It’s the wardrobe of women who are interested in fashion, but who are also smart, environmentally friendly and, most importantly, proud of being all at the same time.

Are you that woman?

If so, you can start here.