Wonder Wardrobe Season 2 now comes with individual class access. This means that you can improve your fashion knowledge in specific areas for as little as €25. No matter what class you decide to go for, you will have full access to the editable templates, examples and class materials just as a full course student would.

If you're already a student, you will get this new course as a free upgrade.




Learn how to optimise your wardrobe in accordance to your lifestyle demands. The video lessons will show you how easy it is to create interchangeable outfits and never have the ‘nothing to wear’ problem.

Lesson 1. Find out your perfect wardrobe size.

  • Video lesson.
  • Wonder Planner: Lifestyle analysis.

Lesson 2. Interchangeable wardrobe concept: choose your structure.

  • Video lesson.
  • Wonder Planner: Establish how many items you need to create a specific number of outfits.
  • Wonder Planner: Create your wardrobe structure.

Lesson 3. Revise your wardrobe and create your first interchangeable outfits.

  • Video lesson.
  • Wonder Planner: Wardrobe revision: step-by-step guide.
  • Wonder Planner: Find out how many outfits you already have.
  • Wonder Planner: Create interchangeable outfits.
  • Wonder Planner: Find out how many and what kind of outfits are missing.

Lesson 4. Start your visual guide.

  • Video lesson.



Colour harmony is hard to master and it takes time. This class is an in-depth look at discovering your own colour type, what colours flatter you and which ones you should stay away from. This will help you re-discover new ways of matching clothes you already have or know exactly what you need to achieve perfect colour balance in your new wardrobe.

Lesson 1. Theory of colours: learn how to easily identify colour’s main characteristics.

  • Video lesson.
  • Quiz.
  • Wonder Planner: Warm and cold shades of different colours (Homework)

Lesson 2. Colour types: identify what colours suit you best.

  • Video Lesson.
  • Wonder Planner: Colour test. Part 1. 
  • Wonder Planner: Colour test. Part 2. 
  • Wonder Planner: Summer Type Palette.
  • Wonder Planner: Spring Type Palette.
  • Wonder Planner: Autumn Type Palette.
  • Wonder Planner: Winter Type Palette.

Lesson 3. Colour harmony concept and how to apply it to your wardrobe.

  • Video Lesson.
  • Cold colour palettes: Wardrobe examples.
  • Warm colour palettes: Wardrobe examples. 

Lesson 4. Colour matching techniques.

  • Video Lesson.
  • Outfit examples.

Lesson 5.  Using colour accents in an outfit.

  • Video Lesson.
  • Outfit examples.

Lesson 6. Create a cohesive color palette for your wardrobe.

  • Video Lesson.
  • Wonder Planner: Cold Colours.
  • Wonder Planner: Warm Colours.
  • Wonder Planner: Create your colour palette.



Your image is the way you show society who you are and who you want to be in this world. It’s not about being always pretty or trendy. Your image amounts to more than that. Through your look, you can express many things about your character, lifestyle, and occupation. This class will show you how easy it is to find and express your style.

Lesson 1. The importance of your image, and how to use it to achieve your life goals.

  • Video Lesson.
  • Wonder Planner: Image correction.

Lesson 2. Find Your Personal Style.

  • Video Lesson.
  • Examples.

Lesson 3. Blending in different styles inside your wardrobe. Minimalist and Maximalist styling.

  • Video Lesson.
  • Romantic style: wardrobe examples.
  • Classic style: wardrobe examples.
  • Dramatic style: wardrobe examples.
  • Casual style: wardrobe examples.
  • Creative style: wardrobe examples.

Lesson 4. Create your style concept. 

    •    Exercise 1. - Create a moodboard.

Lesson 5. How to create stylish outfits.

    •    Exercise 2. - Main and complimentary elements in an outfit.




This class is perfect for those that know exactly what they want in their wardrobe. You will learn how to find the items you want and make sure they fit you. The class will also show you an easy way to create a visual guide that will ensure that you will wear everything you buy for as long as possible.

Lesson 1. Searching process: where to start and how to find what you want.

  • Video Lesson. 

Lesson 2. Create a visual guide.

  • Video Lesson.
  • Wonder Planner: Shopping List.
  • Wonder Planner: Size chart.

Lesson 3. Shop your capsule. 

  • Video Lesson.

  • Wonder Planner: Shopping calendar. 




Your wardrobe is almost ready. You know how everything looks together and how many outfits you get out of it, so now it’s time to make sure that you know how to easily update it. Another useful thing this class teaches is how to create seasonal capsule wardrobes throughout the entire year, making your wardrobe feel fresh no matter the weather.

Lesson 1. Maintaining and updating your Wonder Wardrobe in the future.

  • Video Lesson.

Lesson 2. 1 year of Wonder Wardrobe: 4 seasonal capsules.

  • Visual guide: 4 fully interchangeable seasonal capsules.