Europe's best 128 ethical fashion brands.

Europe's best 128 ethical fashion brands.


What’s inside?

This book containing the best 128 ethical and eco-friendly brands has been curated by me over time. Every brand includes a personal review and has been cataloged into categories such as

  • Basics,

  • Casual Wardrobe,

  • Creative Wardrobe,

  • Denim,

  • Knitwear,

  • Coats and Jackets,

  • Business Wardrobe, 

  • Sportswear,

  • Underwear,

  • Shoes,

  • Bags,

  • Eyewear,

  • Jewellery,

  • Hats & Scarves.

Each brand includes notes on the budget you need, the link to their online shop and the style it fits to so you can easily find what you have been looking for.

All of the brands included here deliver internationally. All of them are from Europe. The list includes affordable, medium and high priced shops that offer clothing, shoes and other accessories for women, men and kids. 

Digital download. Format: PDF.