Wonder Wardrobe
Wonder Wardrobe
Pro Personal Shopper video course on easy capsule wardrobe creation.

Custom-Made Capsule Wardrobe.

Your custom-made capsule is carefully curated by me to fit your body type, colour and budget. Moreover, I will make sure the style represents you and your present or future path in life.

More concretely, you’ll get:

  • a visual guide with the outfits and how to style them,

  • all the links to every item, so you can purchase them at your own leisure.

Your minimum shopping budget: €2000

Your minimum shopping budget: €3000

Your minimum shopping budget: €4000.


How does it work?

1. Pre-Purchase

  • Fill in a personal questionnaire.

  • Receive personalized shopping plan.

  • Video call to discuss the shopping plan.

  • Receive the 1st version of the capsule.

  • Send me feedback on the capsule.

  • Receive the 2nd version of the capsule.

  • Send me feedback on the 2nd version of the capsule.

  • Receive final version of the capsule and shopping plan.


2. Purchase

  • Buy the items on the shopping plan.

3. Post-Purchase analysis

  • If the some of the purchase items didn’t fit, I will find alternatives, for free.

4. Timings

  • 3-14 days, depending on capsule size

5. Shopping Budget

  • You will receive a budget estimate with your initial shopping plan.

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My clients are saying:

“Daria, you’re truly a magician, everything you picked goes so well with each other and all outfits look exactly like I dreamed of. It's something unreal! I’ve never looked so elegant and stylish, and now there is no turning back!"

- Ilina

 Visual Guide - Example

"I am wearing everything that we bought. It’s very comfortable to shop with Daria – she knows her business, she doesn’t pressure the customer, and when it comes to items that were not selected – she’s very supportive, not judgmental, which is extremely important to me."

- Elena


“No complaints, I like everything she chose, everything was just perfect, the result was instant. Daria is wonderful, polite, punctual. I really appreciate her work!”

- Anton

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