Petra - WW Season 2

Elena - WW Season 2


"Before the WW Course, I had a lot of trouble deciding what to wear in the morning and often just decided to go for the most neutral, basic pieces.

Now, picking out what to wear in the morning is fun - I even tend to go for the more expressive outfits, because I'm no longer afraid to show people who I am.

Clothing has become a hobby and joy again, rather than a source of insecurity and doubt."

Simone - WW Season 2

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“I had problems with defining what suits me and I was buying mostly things I didn’t need [which] didn’t combine with rest of my wardrobe.

The Wonder Wardrobe method helped me to define the shopping list, color palette, the number of clothes I needed, my personal style and in the end to build a useful capsule!

Now my wardrobe is very chic and cohesive in style. All clothes match very well and I always know what to wear.”

Karol, WW season 2


“I often couldn't find any clothes that worked for me, because I didn't know what to look for. It was quite frustrating!

After implementing the Wonder Wardrobe method there is definitely some improvement in my wardrobe.

Now I know better what kind of clothes I want, and I only buy something if I really like it and if it fits my wardrobe."

Thalia - WW Season 2


The Wonder Wardrobe method helped me to focus on my taste and things I already love.

I understood that I don’t need that many clothes. Thinking about my wardrobe from the perspective of a whole year really made me realize that I actually have lots of options.

And I was very happy to see the selection of interchangeable clothes I created.

My mornings now feel so stress-free.”

Sarah - WW Season 2


“I am teaching fashion and visual arts in Brazil and I’ve been interested in the Wonder Wardrobe method because it provided new ideas I wasn’t familiar with.

I’ve learned a lot about sustainability, use of color and how to get maximum out of as fewer items as possible.

It feels wonderful to dress smart using fewer items and to optimize my financial resources.”

Rita - WW Season 2

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