Layering made easy: 10 outfits you can build right now.

Layering is easier than it sounds. You just need to understand a few basic principles, and then the rest will fall into place. I would like to give you some outfit formulas that you can try with clothes you already have and see for yourself which ones suit you better. Keep in mind that every outfit formula can be easily adapted to your personal style. So don’t forget to use the colours and shapes that you like. That what will make your outfit truly personal.

Ready to experiment? Then let’s get started!


Layering made easy:

give your wardrobe a new life

in no time.

This free ebook will show you how to mix different clothes from your wardrobe to get edgy, warm and chic layered outfits.





I wanted to show you some examples of layered outfits that I've styled for myself following outfit formulas from this video and some others. I prefer a more minimalistic style, but from time to time I don’t mind to do some experimenting with my look. Especially in the beginning of spring or autumn when it’s quite chilly outside.


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Now that you know more about it, how do you feel about layering? Do you like it? Or it seems like a strange thing to do? Share with me your opinion below in the comments. I’m interested in your take on this.