smart autumn wardrobe shopping webinar

(EU shops only).

20% off for all WoW students. See classroom for discount code.



Daria is a professional image consultant, personal shopper and educator since 2009. Her successful capsule wardrobe building course has been featured in fashion magazines all over the world, in multiple languages. When she’s not doing this, she can be found spreading her knowledge on YouTube.

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smart autumn wardrobe shopping webinar

(EU shops only).

This pre-recorded webinar will prepare your summer-to-autumn wardrobe transition in the best possible way: great quality items that will last you for many years with advice on how to match them to existing clothes. Item price range: €60 - €300.

Duration: 63 minutes.

Although this is pre-recorded, you can ask your questions and get an answer in the comments section of the video.

The new EU Ethical shopping guide is included for free (€14.99 value).

The webinar video will be available online until 22 February, 2020.

20% off for all WoW students. See classroom for discount code.

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Ask specific questions about your fall wardrobe creation.

Know where to find the best items from current collections* (EU stores only).

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Be able to identify and pick the best quality items.

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Find the bags and shoes to complete your cold weather outfits.

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Get autumn styling ideas.

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Get a free EU shopping guide at your fingertips, on your phone.

20% off for all WoW students. See classroom for discount code.

*All brands presented in this webinar have not paid to be included here. I have personally reviewed and curated them according to sustainable and ethical standards.