How to upgrade any basic wardrobe: 44 outfit examples.


In a world where we all want to be seen, heard and make a point, having a basic wardrobe feels a bit counter-intuitive. We cut self-expression short due to the fear of being judged. When everything is black and white, of course, there is no getting dressed in the morning stress. But how far do we have to limit ourselves when the solution is quite easy? Have a look at this capsule wardrobe example that builds on and transitions from a basic wardrobe to a truly personal one.





This capsule includes 7 tops, 2 dresses, 6 bottoms, 1 cardigan, 2 blazers, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 bags that result in 44 beautiful outfit combinations.

Style: Classic style with casual elements. 

Colour type: Summer.

Body shape: Inverted Triangle, Rectangular, Apple.

Season: Spring.

Please note, that this method should be used as a learning springboard, not a ready-to-buy wardrobe. No brands or prices will be disclosed as the purpose of this blogpost is to teach you a life-long skill, not to sell you more clothes.


Have you tried a basic wardrobe? How did it work out for you?

What makes your wardrobe truly yours?