The casual office dress code: 30 outfits for every occasion.

Today I’m starting a new series about creating a sustainable wardrobe for work. We’ll discuss different business dress codes and what kind of outfits suit them. This time we'll talk about reaching the balance between comfortable and professional when you have the casual dress code at work.

ATTENTION: As it turned out the Good Day Club online shop is not reliable. Some of my viewers wrote me saying that they've ordered some t-shirts but haven't heard or received anything from them for months. Please be careful and avoid the Good Day Club online shop.


This capsule includes 5 tops, 5 bottoms, 2 jackets, 2 dresses, a jumpsuit, a bag, 2 pairs of shoes. 

Style: Creative with business elements and minimalist aesthetic.

Colour type: Spring or Autumn.

Body shape: Rectangular, Inverted Triangle.

Season: Summer/ Autumn

Please note, that this method should be used as a learning springboard, not a ready-to-buy wardrobe. No links will be disclosed as the purpose of this blogpost is to teach you a life-long skill, not to sell you more clothes.

Wonder Wardrobe - Casual office dress code - 30 outfits.

Wonder Wardrobe - Casual office dress code - 30 outfits.